The Virgin Auction: Overview

The virgin auction is the sale of one male and one female's virginity to the highest bidders. The auction will be conducted online from the website where, once bidders have registered, they can place bids at any time until the final deadline.

The auction will commence on Monday 17 September at 9.00 o’clock AEST and close at 10.00pm on Wednesday 24 October. From the commencement date of the auction anyone can place a bid online, from anywhere and at any time by logging onto The winning bid is the highest bid received by 10.00pm AEST on 24 October 2012.

TWP will fly the winning bidders to meet the virgins and will provide accommodation and make all the necessary arrangements for the winners to have sex with the virgins on the agreed terms. The location of these arrangements will only be disclosed to the winning bidders.

Rules for buyers

For the purpose of this one-of-a-kind virgin auction, guidelines have been developed to create a safe, fair and enjoyable environment for all potential buyers. As a bidder, you are responsible for reviewing and understanding the auction process, as well as all applicable laws and regulations as outlined in the buyer's agreement.

Policies are intended to:

- Support the relevant government laws and regulations
- Minimize risks to both buyers and virgins
- Provide equal opportunity to all buyers
- Provide an enjoyable buying experience

Buyers cannot:

- Commit to purchasing the virgin without registering and paying in advance
- Bid with no serious intention of buying. Every bid or commitment to buy is a binding contract
- Misuse the bid retraction option to manipulate the bidding process
- Bid on or buy the virgin when they do not meet the individual's terms as outlined in virgin sex terms and conditions.

Buyer's agreement

To bid for the virgin you must intend to buy the right to the seller's virginity. All bids are considered 'live' until the buyer agrees to the terms and conditions and the financial transaction has occurred.

Before the virgin can accept remuneration from the buyer, the buyer must be able to provide the following documents by our approved specialists before engaging in any sexual activity with the virgin.

1. A medical examination.
2. A police check.

Failure to provide these documents will result in the termination of the sale and disqualification of the buyer.

In the event of disqualification, the buyer will be eliminated from the auction and the winning bid will be awarded to the second highest bidder.

The winning bidder must agree to the virgin sex terms and conditions by signing the legally binding contract outlined in the virgin sex terms and conditions.

Failure to comply with any of the conditions outlined in the buyer's agreement will result in the buyer being disqualified and eliminated from the auction.

Consummation of sex with the virgins will take place within 10 days following the winning bid. TWP considers this sufficient time to settle the transaction and to obtain the required documents from both buyer and virgin. The time will also be used to complete any filming required.

Private bids will be accepted: if a bidder does not wish to disclose the amount of a bid publicly that is within the rules. However, the bidder will still need to register and follow the bid process outlined in 'How to register a bid'.

Virgin agreement

The female virgin will undergo a medical examination by an accredited gynecologist and provide the winning bidder with medical evidence of her virginity. The virgin must provide a document from the gynecologist that certifies her claim to virginity. The accompanying medical certificate will be a statutory declaration that supports her claim to virginity.

Given the difficulty in certifying a male's claim to virginity we ask that you take into consideration the chosen participant, his story and his demeanor when considering his claims to sexual abstinence. Although there can be no medical examination to prove the male's virginity, the male and two family members will provide statutory declarations to support his claim.

The virgin must engage in sexual intercourse with the highest bidder. The penis entering the vagina defines consummated sex in this instance.

Auction terms and conditions

The highest bidder is the winner of the virgin auction. Failure to complete the requirements listed in the buyer's agreement will result in disqualification and elimination from the auction. In the event of disqualification, the winning bid will be the second highest bid.

All proceeds generated by the auction will be paid to the virgin.

Payment of the amount of the winning bid must be received within 7 working days from the auction's conclusion.

Failure to settle the transaction within this period will result in legal action being filed in which you (the winning bidder) will be liable to reimburse the production company the entire cost of the auction.

In this instance the winning bidder will be disqualified and the second highest bidder will be awarded the winning bid.

If the winning bidder is unable to engage in sexual intercourse with the virgin through no fault of their own, he or she will be reimbursed the full purchase amount.

Registered bidders who are not the winning bidder are not entitled to any refund.

Virgin sex terms and conditions

The winning bidder cannot:

- Be intoxicated during their time with the virgin.
- Involve any one else in the consummation.
- Kiss the virgin.
- Have or expect to fulfill any fantasies or fetishes during their time with the virgin.
- Use any sex toys or other objects during their time with the virgin.
- Use a telephone or any recording device during their time with the virgin.
- The length and duration of the sex is to be agreed by both participants before consummation begins. However, the minimum consummation time is one hour.

It is mandatory for the virgin, gentleman and woman, who participate in the consummation of sex with the virgin to sign a non-disclosure agreement, which will be presented to them before consummation. The NDA consists of authentic vaginal intercourse only. Fellatio is not permitted; the virgin is required to perform the sex act only once. The certificate of consummation will be awarded to the consummator after sexual intercourse has taken place.

Both virgins will have 24-hour security at all times. The extent of the security during consummation is to be controlled by the virgin; however, no persons except the two engaging in sexual conduct will be permitted in the bedroom.

How to bid

For participants to place a bid on the virgins they must first register a bid. Registering a bid is simple and works by making a AUD$50.00 deposit to the following account.

Thomas William Productions
bank: Commonwealth bank
SWIF: ctbaau2s
BSB: 063-526
ACC: 0065-6913

For registering a bid a AUD$50 one-off payment is required. If at any time you wish to increase or decrease your bid no further payment is required, just send an email to with your receipt number and your new bid.

NB The amount you bid is not deducted from your account at the time of placing a bid. Once a bid is registered you can increase or decrease your bid free of charge. Only the winning bid will be required to pay that sum.

Your bid will be uploaded to the website within 24 hours of registration.

You will be able to monitor your bid on the website free of charge. To increase, decrease or cancel your bid, registered bidders can contact TWP at any time via telephone or email, quoting username and registration number.

TWP will not require any of your personal details to be submitted. Once a bid is registered there will be no refunds, under any circumstances.

Changing or retracting your bid

The bidder may retract (or cancel) a bid at any time and their details will be removed from the bidding list.

NOTE: If you cancel your bid, you will not be eligible to receive a refund of your initial one-off payment for registering as a bidder.

The bidding process

All participants and registered bidders will remain anonymous. Once a bid has been registered TWP is notified of your registered bid and the amount you would like to bid for the virgin. Once you return to click the auction tab and refer to the bidding echelon. The amount of your bid determines your position on the bidding echelon, with the highest bid at the top of the list and the lowest at the bottom. All bids will be posted on the bidder's page within 24 hours. During the final bidding process, bids will be updated immediately. The only way to place a bid is to go through the registration process.

We will not accept bids by any other method. Once a bid is registered there is strictly no refund.

Simply contact TWP by phone or email quoting your registered bid number and your bid will be adjusted accordingly.

Frequently asked questions

Is registering, and placing a bid on a virgin, illegal?
No, placing a bid on the virgin is not illegal.

If my bid is successful, is having sex with the virgin illegal?
No. Having sex with a virgin is not illegal. The sexual act will also take place where it is not illegal. The winning bidder and the virgin will rendezvous where they will spend the night.

Can anyone in the world bid?
Yes. We will accept bids from anyone, anywhere, all over the world.

When I bid, do I have to give my real name?
No, you can use a pseudonym, code name or user name. So long as you provide a legitimate email contact address you can participate.

Are the virgins being coerced into participating?
No, the virgins will be acting entirely of their own free will. TWP in no way procures or coerces the virgins into sex.

Who profits from the bidding process?
The virgins themselves are the only people to profit from the auction.

All legalities surrounding any suspicion that TWP will profit from the process have been resolved.

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